Start Try to be more accommodating

Try to be more accommodating

A nightstand serves as the main station for a visitor's items, and a small one is better than none.

"Don't force a guest to tiptoe around at night in search of a warmer blanket," reminds Nayak.

Offer at least a flat sheet and a few blankets of varying thicknesses to cover your bases.

The Motor Lot staff have all been very accommodating to our business needs. Marvin, Autowerks of NWA We have been a satisfied Motor Lot customer for 4 plus years.

Try My Little Steamer; it's available in a rainbow of colors that go with any guest-room décor.

Or at least put extra pillows on the bed, suggests Kristine Kennedy, Editorial Director of the home website

"Lots of pillows are essential for propping up and reading in bed." Just tell your guests where to put the pillows when they un-make the bed each night."A tray signifies that the items placed there are specifically intended for the guest, and they're not a regular part of the room," says Taniya Nayak, a celebrity interior designer and HGTV star.

Quantifiers are used to indicate the amount or quantity of something referred to by a noun.