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Tourettes dating

Nearby waiters and customers would look over, thinking that Friel’s whistles and vocal tics were meant for them.

Even so, as TS children mature to teens and young adults, coping with stressful events such as college and dating tend to worsen symptoms making a traditionally stress-filled time even more challenging.

Maintaining a fulfilling social life for someone with Tourette's is much like anyone else trying to create and sustain relationships.

Kids with tics tend to be social in groups, yet often seem shy one-to-one.

Experts think that anywhere from 1% to .1% of all people have Tourette’s.

Tourette's Syndrome is not a one size fits all disorder and the ways of coping and living with it are as varied as each individual is unique.

Keeping a positive outlook and a sense of humor helps as does living life to its fullest.

No two children have exactly the same occurrence of tics and children tend to become proficient in "holding in" their tics while in school or on the job and "releasing" them when in the comfort of their own home.

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