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The site selected for the Fifth Dimension as Albarn’s candy-coloured pavilion is hope” fully called – lies on a narrow strip of foreshore in front of the town. To the east the agreeable sandstone architecture of the town blends serenely into a backdrop of smooth hills. And on a clear day, beyond the sea bird stack of Ailsa Craig, you can see the coast of Ulster. The inevitable concrete boating lake rubs shoulders with a trampoline compound.

If the Fifth Dimension has a Fifth dimension, this is undoubtedly it.

It would be easy to deal out blame for this fiasco, just as it is easy to snigger at a classic case of what Eric Lyons used to call “municipal herbadashery.” But the sad fact remains that Girvan, who took the trouble to commission a way out design, and knew full well what they were going to get, have landed themselves with an expensive curiosity for which they seem to have little time or sympathy.

Another case of poor budgeting and client-designer relations gone sour? But at least the Girvan community has acquired a noteworthy little piece of seaside architecture. The keyhole entrance to the Fifth Dimension, top left opposite, is approached along a formal concrete path, flanked by two troughs of municipal geraniums and an inappropriate piece of Scottish whimsy.

“The Fifth Dimension”, a fun palace built on the edge of the beach at Girvan on the west coast of Scotland in 1969. The warren of cells and tunnels and sudden loftier chambers presents at least half-a-dozen respectable visual excitements, as, for instance, when the almost subliminal strobe light (black and silver) of one cell slows down and takes on colour in the next.