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Most weddings are performed by Shinto priests; most funerals are performed by Buddhist priests.

[Official chronicles and astronomical anomalies of ancient Japan] Tokyo: Yoshikawa Kobunkan, 2007. The first of the six, the Nihon Shoki (720), which deals with the mythical origins of the land and with legendary sovereigns for most of its first half, appears clearly as an attempt to legitimize and promote imperial power, taking Japanese aristocrats as well as the Chinese empire as its targets.

The first forms the core of Hosoi's work, while the second serves to complement this main part with additional arguments from a different perspective.

The first part, entitled Tenmon kiji to kokushi hensan (Compilation of official chronicles and astronomical records), is composed of five chapters and three additional sections.

Their children became the deities of the various Japanese clans. The word "Kami" is generally translated into English as "god" or "gods." However, the Kami bear little resemblance to the gods of monotheistic religions.