Start Provincetown gay singles dating

Provincetown gay singles dating

The 90-minute documentary could easily have been 20 minutes shorter.

Ptown Film As one of the country’s top film festivals, the PIFF seeks out a diverse array of films and prides itself on supporting edgy and innovative work. Provincetown Portuguese Festival & Blessing of the Fleet June 23-26

Provincetown Portuguese A weekend long celebration honoring the Ptown’s heritage as a haven for Portuguese migrants and as a hub of maritime activity.

It is still the off-season here in Provincetown, but already glimmers of activity are beginning to show as more and more folks arrive and businesses awaken after their annual winter hibernation.

While we are busy opening the storm windows, repainting the deck furniture and waiting for the temperatures to break into the 60s, it seems like an ideal time to daydream about the fun-filled summer still to come.

Don’t miss “Girl Splash IDOL,” the ultimate karaoke contest on Wednesday night.

21st Annual Family Week July 23-30 Family Week is the largest annual gathering of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer-identified parents and their families in the world.

May to August, the P-town social calendar is packed.

With so much going on, you essentially can’t go wrong with when you visit.

Features food, a parade, and the Sunday ceremony to bless and protect Ptown’s fishing fleet.

July July 1 – 7 Independance Week The parade and fireworks on July 4 are the icing on the cake during this week of raucous revelry. Bear Week in Provincetown July 9-17 the party continues as thousands of bears from all over the globe descend upon Ptown. No matter how you take your tea, Bear Week has your flavor. Girl Splash July 19-23 great excuse for a girls’ weekend, featuring an all-star comedy line-up, dance parties, whale watches, and more.

Chronicling the amazing history of Provincetown a small Ma.