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Online dating bad signs of a concussion

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison launched his helmet into Mc Coy’s face mask, leaving Mc Coy flattened on the turf and concussed.

People generally describe the pain as a pressure-type feeling, or a sensation of fullness, says Collins.

Likewise, Collins says that if an individual is slow to respond to things or keeps repeating himself, those are telltale signs of concussion. Your vision is blurred If you have difficulty bringing your eyes together, coordinating your movements, and/or processing images, these are signs of an ocular concussion.

What's more, some patients are more at risk for certain symptoms, says Collins.

What to do if you've suffered a concussion The most important thing to do if you suspect you've endured a concussion is to get yourself out of the game—think of a concussion as if it was a pulled muscle, advises Lee.