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Most of anything sexual seen on TV is not very realistic to expect in the real bedroom.

Free memberships and trial memberships are good when you are trying to find the online dating service that will best match...

While we don’t always need huge, extravagant gifts, we all like to feel that we are loved and cared about. With the harsh winter weather, it can be difficult to plan dates when all you really want to do is curl up in your bed until the sun returns and the temperatures warm up again.

These trends can take many forms, including the question of who should text first or who should be initiating the relationship, and other...

Moving is already stressful enough, aside from the packing and planning you also have to think about whether your current relationship is going to last or whether you should pursue...

While many celebrity power couples spend most of their time in the spotlight, it’s not very common for regular people to look at them as models for a relationship, most likely because we simply can’t relate or even ...

The new rom com starring Rachel Mc Adams, About Time, begs the question of—if you could—would you go back and change past events in your love life?

In Denver, Colorado by Love and Dating Experts Anna Karimo and Grace Yablon Are you single and lonely?

Do you need help navigating the crazy world of dating?

We’ve all experienced the joy and excitement that comes with meeting a new guy that you totally hit it off with.

The moment where you’re both into each other is exhilarating. Maybe you have a pet that you care about more than most people.

Maybe you have a pet that you care about more than most people.