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A possible solution to the boko haram problem is being considered by our legislators: Any radicalized jihadhist caught with bombs must undergo brain transplant surgery which replaces violent brains with the heads of Pentecostal church-going Christians.

The Central Bank of Nigeria is considering replacing NAIRA with the GALBIT ( Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Transsexuals) such that a cup of garri now costs GL150 or 150 GALBIT.

The Nigerian civil servants have not been paid their October salaries since the Fulani uprising is threatening to turn Nasarawa State into Nama Grazing Field.

A new social network founded 2014 but over now has gotten more than 100 thousand installed from Google playstore .

What special tricks do you recommend from your neck of the woods? The jet was equipped with numerous xxx-rated movies starring Bianca Ogbodo. HARUNA: Your Honor, it is this way under the Sharia law, we stone harlots for adultery, but I didn’t.

Overhead conversation between President Obama and Nigeria’s Buhari.

BUHARI: Hey, Hussein, this is Muhammad OBAMA: Muhammad Who?

For 23-year-old Femi*, a night out celebrating a birthday with friends ended with a month and two days in jail because of his sexuality.