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I could see the swell of the side of her breasts, her smooth back, her ass, and legs.

He knows I love being nude, but has always teased me to not let you catch me. He always adds to his comment by saying "He is still a boy and if he catches you like that he will want you naked around him all the time. The fact that he laughed when he told you is just a perfect example.

Finally, she just happened to turn her head toward the door and she saw me. She did not act mad, nor move quickly to cover herself up. I came down the hall to say 'Hi' and was surprised with what I saw. It just surprised me, and I couldn't get myself to walk away.

She just stayed in that same position and said "Well, I knew you were eventually going to catch me naked." Then she laughed, as she said "Enjoying the view? Gosh, you are so beautiful." Then I said "What do you mean 'I would eventually catch you naked?

From age 12 to age 18, I did not know that when I left for school each day, my step Mom would strip down, and be naked all day.