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Both are afflicted by the torment—and the delight—of passionate love.

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The song-making of Sappho reveals here not only an awareness but also a self-awareness.

And here is a special delight for the hearer of Sappho’s songs—to hear about the torment of her own passionate loves.—envelops both the errant brother and the anxious sister.

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My general argument in all these publications is that we can see the personalities of Sappho and Alcaeus come to life only if we view them as poetic creations of their songs.

To say it another way, the songs of Sappho and Alcaeus were meant to be heard by the public who did hear them. And, in the case of compositions like the Brothers Song and the Kypris Song, my specific argument is that the expressions of sisterly affect in such songs were sure to delight the listening public.§3.

The difference in length is due to the fact that, in the printed version, §§68–109 have been excised.]§1.

The Brothers Song and other new papyrus texts, including the first stanza of what is now known as the Kypris Song, reveal some heretofore missing pieces of the poetic personality whom we know as Sappho.

Such self-awareness as we find it at work in the songs of Sappho brings me back to the question I was asking from the start: what exactly is so delightful about songs expressing an aristocratic woman’s tormented feelings about a brother who squandered his family’s wealth on a courtesan in Egypt?