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Czarownica z portobello online dating

My next festive reading recommendation comes from Sarah Morgan “The Queen of Christmas” as it said on my review copy.

There is a lot of warm humour too, often provided courtesy of the various dogs Harriet looks after.

If you want a feel-good novel to read this Christmas then this is one you can add to your list.

The cold and snow was so vividly described as well as the beautiful skiing resort in Vermont – and I so wanted to stay in that cosy sounding lodge with its roaring fire.

Sarah Morgan made New York in the snow sound very appealing and Dr Black sounded rather appealing too!

He was quite a frustrating character in some ways as he seemed blind to everything but his work.

And yet, he clearly did have the capacity to love as shown by his love for his sister and his care for his colleague Susan – eventually he even softened his attitudes towards dogs.

I had to smile at that as that’s something I do too but have never really considered it a risk.