Start Colosseum rome's arena of death online dating

Colosseum rome's arena of death online dating

Next came the animal hunts with the bestiarii -- the professional beast killers.

The other door was the Porta Sanivivaria through which victors and those allowed to survive the contests left the arena.

The finished building was like nothing seen before and situated between the wide valley joining the Esquiline, Palatine and Caelian hills, it dominated the city.

The biggest building of its kind, it had four stories and stood over 45 metres high (150 feet) and measured 189 x 156 metres across. The theatre was principally built from locally quarried limestone with internal linking lateral walls of brick, concrete and volcanic stone (tufa). The sheer size of the theatre was the possible origin of the popular name of , however, a more likely origin may have been as a reference to the colossal gilded bronze statue of Nero which was converted to resemble the sun-god and which stood outside the theatre until the 4th century CE.

The theatre was spectacular even from the outside with monumental open arcades on each of the first three floors presenting statue-filled arches.