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Candice accola dating rules youtube

New episodes of DATING RULES FROM MY FUTURE SELF will air every Monday and Wednesday on Hulu and Hulu Plus through August 20, and Tuesdays and Thursdays on the “Dating Rules” Facebook hub through August 21.

Anyway, I'm not trying to rile things up here so I hope I don't get too many angry responses.

In my opinion, the future of this site shouldn't even come into question as long as the traffic is up.

If/when the traffic starts to dip, that's when you should really be concerned.

If this site started getting flooded with posts about stuff that hardly even qualified as GIMP material, I'd be on here a lot less because it'd be too much to muddle through.

If you want quality then you'll have to accept that there will be fewer posts.

This topic is just too taboo for us to have enough source material for 20 good posts a day.

And I'd rather not keep having the same discussions over the same material.

Note that the criminal prosecution is occuring in Canada and not the U. Just about anyone from Canada who has ever tried to order a risque video from the U. knows how tough Canadian Customs is about pornography in general. It's entirely possible that some manga could not pass the three-prong Miller test and thus would be deemed obscene.